Monday, November 16, 2009

Look of my day (simple) Blue

LOMD using Too Dolly from MAC

What I did:
  • Primer- Too faced shadow insurance
  • Covered the lid with Too Dolly
  • Lined the lower lash line with Stately Black
  • Lined the water line with CS black gel liner
  • Mascara- Great Lash from Maybelline

Tuh Duh!!!! That's it
(simple but still says something)

Sorry I look a little bleh..I just got out of the shower!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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blogging .....I figured I should try it since I couldn't blog any other way. So if all goes well with this mobile blogging thing, I will be posting from
... If you have any suggestions to how I can fix this please let me know. And If you are wondering how I am blogging right now it is because I am mobile
Hey you guys!!! Sorry I have not posted in's because for some reason my computer won't let me go to this site. I don't know why? Tear!....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture from:

So for those who are tight on money these days...(like some of us are) I found a great website for those who want to try some sample size products before they buy the actual one which cost more. Or you just want a little bit of something. She also sells regular size products too.

Some of the samples include:
  • MAC - paint pots, pigments, pro face powder
  • NYX - lots of stuff from NYX
  • Ben Nye - pigments
  • Mary Kay - skin stuff
  • Some other things like:brushes, rings, her seminar tickets, eye lashes, gel liner

By the way her name is Marlena and I found her from YouTube.
She is really talented so check out her YouTube page.

Here is the store website:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Monday, April 6, 2009

Henna!! My finished product


Here are some pictures when I applied the Henna and some after it dried:



My Cousin



My Cousin

Dokie..As you can see I did some weird stuff on me and a butterfly on my cousin. I sorta went crazy on myself. (Hey, it was my first time) But I love the way my cousins turned out. I took this picture before she washed it, so it still had a little henna on it. Overall I loved this kit and I would definitely buy it again. I still have allot left over, so I will be doing more designs later. (not just drawling on myself) The box says it will last up to 3 or 4 weeks....So yay!!!

  • Easy to use, including the stencils and the applicator
  • Drys fast,
  • Lots of product for the price
  • No burning or any skin irritation on me or cousin
  • The smell is pleasant
  • Lots of fun
  • A little messy...but then again..that was probably just me!

Here is the site I bought it at again:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Look of my day!! Using black and silver from CS

Black and silver look using Coastal Scents Palette.

What I did:
  • Put on Too Faced shadow insurance
  • Covered the lid and a little above the crease with black eyeshadow
  • Then on the lid put silver over the black
  • Blended the colors a little
  • Then blend that black from the crease out, using a clean blending brush
  • I then put mascara on, I used Great lash in "Very Black" (curl those lashes)
  • Then on the lower lash line I did the same thing I did on the lid
  • Don't forget to smudge that lower lash line
  • And for the lips I used a lip stain
That's It!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Look of my day!

Look of my day!!

What I used:
  • Eyeshadow: Ben Nye in "Azalea" and "Sun Yellow"
  • Mascara: Great Lash in "Very Black"
  • Eye liner: Gel liner in "True Black" from CS
  • Gloss: Clear gloss from MAC

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Henna Tattoos

What it comes with:

The Henna itself:

Stencil Thingy's:

I can't wait to use..I'll tell you guys how it goes in a few days...I am gonna do it on saturday. It is supposed to do up to 3o designs and last up to 3 weeks.

*I bought it from:
*Cost- 34.65 all together

120 palette

120 palette

Here's how its packaged:
- It came with 5 travel size brushes.

Here's how it looks:

-There are 120 very pigmented colors, some not as much as others

-Cost 25.00 - 30.00
-Plenty of highlight colors
-Easy to blend
-Easy to travel with (They stack on top of each other)
-Enough of each color to last awhile

**The downside is that they are very soft and the packaging is sorta cheap. If you drop that sucker..ITS GONE!**

**I bought mine from It comes from Hong Kong, and it came pretty fast to0.

**For swatches, check out "VINTAGE OR TACKY " on her blog:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I finally bought the " Pastel" Mehron Palette

Pastel- Mehron Palette

I bought this palette from:

It cost 25.95 without shipping and handling. It came pretty fast but when it came I was like Aahhhhhhh!!!!! It is so pretty and it smells like coconut. Mmmmm!! It also comes with a really good mirror. The colors are amazing. These palettes are water activated but you only need a drop...actually even less a drop. You sorta just have to experiment with it. They work really good as a base...makes the color more vibrant.

Here are some swatches dry, from top to bottom:

Here are some swatches wet....Tuhh duh!!!!

It was easier for me to put a drop of water with one of those travel bottles. But do what works for you.

OMG!!!! These OCC Lip Tar's are amazing!!

OCC Lip Tar


Ok..So I just watched a video from Lauren (QueenOfBlendingMUA) on Youtube. She showed these Lip Tars in three different colors, that I fell in love with!!!!

On the OCC website they have 9 different colors:
  • UBER
  • NSFW
They sell for 12.50 each. They look so pigmented and she put on literally a dab and the gloss went so far....So a little goes a long way! The OCC website says they go on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. I am gonna buy all three and then some. I just thought I should tell you guys, how amazing they look.

*Picture from:

**Checkout QueenOfBlendingMUA's website:

You can get the Lip Tars:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

LOTD (Look of the day) Using Coastal Scent Palette!

Here is the look of my day!!

I used two colors from the CS palette... the light blue and dark brown. I used Great Lash from Maybelline in "Very black" for mascara.

And last but not least I did the waterline using the black gel liner also from CS. Its a simple look!!

The light blue...

Dark Brown...

And..... Tuh duh!!!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

I bought new holders for my makeup brushes.

I love the pink bucket with the bow!!!! Cute Cute!!! I got it at target for only a dollar people...yay!!! And it fits hecka brushes too. The clear little one I bought from the dollar store. I also bought the blue star things that I put inside...It does not fit much but cute. Those were obviously a dollar each too...Yay!!

Oh ya!! I also bought 4 Cornell brushes at the D and J hobby store. They were 1.6o or something around there!! Really good price!! Love em!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is what bordom does?

So I was a little bored after I came home from shopping today. So I decided to make something. I have been using a dinner plate to put my brushes on while they dry, after I wash them...A plate people!!! bleh!! So I decided to make something that I can put my in brushes while they dry. Here it is:

(Yes, Its a shoe box)

What I did:

What I did was I poked a bunch of different size holes in the bottom of the shoe box. (Using a pen) Then cut all four sides in the there is air for the brushes to breath and so it can stand up correctly. That's it!!! I am going to clean up the edges and also decorate it in the days to come. Oh ya, If your someone that cares about the MAC label on your brushes, You probably don't want to do this...or figure out a way that its not so harsh on the brush handle, while your sliding it in.

How it works:

You take the makeup brushes, bristles down and put the brush in to one of the holes from the bottom of the box up ....Here's how it looks:

And that's it!!! I thought it was fun!! You can also use something less bulky then a shoe box too.... Although, I like it for drying a lot of my brushes at one time!!!

Love Peace and Chicken Grease!!

New! L.I.P. Color Cream Palette!!!!!Yay!! from Mehron

Picture from:

Oh my gosh!!! I cant wait to buy this lip cream palette.....I want it really because of the cotton candy and hot pink color!!! I Love it!! It's just cheaper if you buy it in the ya. It's 32.95 (I believe) but if you buy them singly..they are 5.95 each.

Picture from:
(Is it not the prettiest color ever)

Here is what the website says about it:

"The intensely rich colors of L.I.P. Cream are on the cutting edge of extreme fashion Makeup. The lavishly exciting colors of L.I.P. Cream offers full long lasting coverage with a built in hydrating cream to keep your lips smooth and supple. L.I.P. Cream is made using a creamy conditioning formula developed specially by Mehron. Yes, the hottest color trends made with a creamy, hydrating, luscious formula to protect your lips and highlight them all at the same time! L.I.P. Cream is available in 24 individual shades or in 3 color palettes, light,medium, and dark to accent any skin tone. Make your lips kissable soft and creamy with Mehron L.I.P. Cream." -Mehron

I can't wait to get it and when I do...I will be doing a review on it, that's for sure!!

Oh's the website:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MAC Free shipping!!!

Free shipping when you purchase any product featured in MAC SS09. Valid through 11.59pm EST Monday, May 4th, 2009!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's what? Lipstuff?

Different types of lipsticks

*Matte: Intense dramatic color, no shimmer, will stay on throughout the day. Tends to dry out lips so apply a base first, for moisture.

* Satin: Shiny, glossy finish, good for dry lips.

*Lacquer: Super intense colors, shiny synthetic look.

* Cream: Rich and creamy with lots of color. Shiny but not as much as others. Does not dry out fast and is good for small lips.

*Sheer: Glossy, clear and is good for a day look. You will have to reapply this a few times.

*Frost: Sparkles and shines, reflects the light but can be drying.

* Semi permanent: Won't rub off or fade and most likely last through out the day

*Lip balm: Cures chapped lips, gives relief

*Lip Gloss: Shiny, and can be clear or colored but if colored it usually is a more toned down one. Can be applied alone or on top of a lipstick for extra shine. Good for small lips...makes them appear fuller.

Dont forget to get your pink box!

Picture from:

Hey you guys!!! I just wanted to remind everyone that the new Pink Box is available to order on April 8th.
Just in case you don't know what it is, here is some information from the site.....

"My Pretty Pink Box is a beauty sampler box that gives shoppers a chance to try girly products from a number of wonderful companies.
Enjoy samples, products, and special discounts from our awesome retailers and e-tailers! Each box contains handpicked beauty items from both up & coming and well known brands. Plus, it is a great way to spoil yourself rotten - Pamper yourself, you deserve it!"- My Pretty Pink Box

"Not only will you receive great samples, but we are determined to provide at least 1 to 2 full size products each month. Nothing is better than full size products at sample pricing"- My Pretty Pink Box

Okay so I am hoping that I will get one this month. Since every other time I tried to buy one...they were always sold out or I would forget. Well, not this time people! Ahhhhhahahaha....j/k!! But for reals, I am gonna get one this month. And plus, It comes in a pink box....Who does not love a pink box? Hello!!! So ya, check out the it is again;

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shadow Shields!!

"the newest absolute must - have tool..." Shadow Shields are the only product of its kind to truly eliminate messy "raccoon eyes" caused by applying eye makeup. Recommended and used by industry leading makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts world wide, Shadow Shields are also ideal for lash tinting, extensions, and airbrush! They are half moon shaped adhesives that are placed under the eye before applying eye makeup. Any excess product that falls is caught by the shields, leaving you with clean under eyes!! Shadow Shields are giving women everywhere the confidence they need to apply eye makeup, while making the job of a makeup artist a little easier!" -

*I love these... I actually have not bought them yet, But I will. I just thought I should let you guys no about it. Its perfect so you don't have all that eyeshadow fallout all over your under eyes! Especially, when your using a black pigment or something like the sort, which leaves you with black bags or a black eye!! One box contains 50 pieces for 16.95. (definitely worth it) You should really really check out this website!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey you guys....sorry I've been neglecting my blog!! But in a few days I will start posting some new stuff. I've just been very tired! So, talk to ya laters!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Brush Guards

I first heard about The Brush Guards from Koren, on his You Tube page.
I fell in love with them.
**The Brush Guards keep your makeup brushes in the perfect state of which you bought them in. They are perfect for traveling so that they don't get damaged. And if your someone that cares if the MAC logo gets rubbed off, it helps in that aspect also, as shown on Koren's page. They also help after you wash your brushes...keeps them in there original shape while drying .**
I personally bought them for after I wash my brushes, to keep them in there shape.. It works...I love them!! Plus they are hella cheap!! YAY!! You should really check them out.

I bought the shadow/liner pack, which came with 10 ex. small guards.($5.50)

**For other package choices check the website out!!**

Here it is:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My favorite and worst of makeup remover towelettes.

Let me start with the worst....... First of all, its too wet...I can almost fill up 1/4 of a cup with the amount of liquid that is in it. Second, It takes awhile to take the makeup off...I had to scrub my eye more then usual. And worst of all...It burnt the h...e... double hockey stick out of my eyes. I never had any makeup remover do that. It hurt so bad I would cry and would have to close my eyes for a few minutes. Maybe its just me, I am not sure. Plus, they are way to its very wasteful. I would never use this product again for any reason.

And now for my favorite.......AH" : ).....
This is my favorite Makeup remover far!! lol!
* It takes your makeup off really quick.
* Alcohol free
* Cleans thoroughly
* Its not too wet but wet enough.
* Soft
* Does not break me out
* Does not burn my eyes
* I love it
..........I bought it at Target in the makeup section.............

***P.S: The down side is that they are also big...but I guess you can always cut them in half as you use them. Just put the other half back in the pack.

** Sanitize the scissors first people**

Scandalous Shadow Base be honest ......I didn't really like this product when I first got it. It was making all my eye shadows do the dreaded crease thing and the colors would fade very easily. But I after watching I realized I was putting way to much on. Priscilla says on her youtube that you only need a little bit. So I tried the base again and put literally a dab on to my eye lid .... and Ta da!!!......It worked. I had no creasing what so ever. I feel in love with it. It goes on sorta nudish whiteish ( I know those are not really words) but fades with the color you put on. I bought it from Priscilla's Ebay site for $17 but now they have a website with other Scandalous products. I believe the base is $14 for 5 grams. Here it is: So check it out..Its a very good base.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay..I bought these Leishi eye shadow pigments about 3 months go and I LOVE them!!! *Sorry If it's blurry*

I bought the Makeup cosmetics G88 at He has 99.6 positive feedback and sends the stuff from Hong Kong. You have to use PayPal though. I got my package pretty fast. They are also brand new, never used eye shadows. The set comes with four different collections, which is 88 eye shadow pigments all together.

**The Shinny Glitter Collection (very glittery)
**The Pink/Purple Collection
**The Blue/Green Collection
**The Earth/Natural Collection

Oh ya..and 5 makeup brushes! I paid $43.59 all together, which is not bad considering the fact that you get 88 eye shadows. They are very easily blended, bright, long lasting, I had no skin irritation and there are so many different colors. There is a lot in each it will last you forever and you can also use them for your nails or eyeliner. The blues and the greens are honestly my favorite....They are so bright!!! Yay!!
So check his website out..I promise you will fall in love with LEISHI!!!..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ben Nye..Lumiere Palette

Ben Nye: Lumiere Palette swatches

*Silver *Azalea *Cosmic Blue *Sun Yellow

*Ice *Aztec Gold

Iced Gold * Tangerine

*Chartreuse *Jade *Amethyst *Cosmic Violet

I bought this palette from
You can also buy it from Ebay at