Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay..I bought these Leishi eye shadow pigments about 3 months go and I LOVE them!!! *Sorry If it's blurry*

I bought the Makeup cosmetics G88 at http://stores.ebay.com/JOSEJILL. He has 99.6 positive feedback and sends the stuff from Hong Kong. You have to use PayPal though. I got my package pretty fast. They are also brand new, never used eye shadows. The set comes with four different collections, which is 88 eye shadow pigments all together.

**The Shinny Glitter Collection (very glittery)
**The Pink/Purple Collection
**The Blue/Green Collection
**The Earth/Natural Collection

Oh ya..and 5 makeup brushes! I paid $43.59 all together, which is not bad considering the fact that you get 88 eye shadows. They are very easily blended, bright, long lasting, I had no skin irritation and there are so many different colors. There is a lot in each eyeshadow..so it will last you forever and you can also use them for your nails or eyeliner. The blues and the greens are honestly my favorite....They are so bright!!! Yay!!
So check his website out..I promise you will fall in love with LEISHI!!!..

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  1. i had three colors in Leishi.. yellow, gold, green & dark blue..
    its fun & easy to apply on..ehehe.. ;)
    love the colors..