Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is what bordom does?

So I was a little bored after I came home from shopping today. So I decided to make something. I have been using a dinner plate to put my brushes on while they dry, after I wash them...A plate people!!! bleh!! So I decided to make something that I can put my in brushes while they dry. Here it is:

(Yes, Its a shoe box)

What I did:

What I did was I poked a bunch of different size holes in the bottom of the shoe box. (Using a pen) Then cut all four sides in the there is air for the brushes to breath and so it can stand up correctly. That's it!!! I am going to clean up the edges and also decorate it in the days to come. Oh ya, If your someone that cares about the MAC label on your brushes, You probably don't want to do this...or figure out a way that its not so harsh on the brush handle, while your sliding it in.

How it works:

You take the makeup brushes, bristles down and put the brush in to one of the holes from the bottom of the box up ....Here's how it looks:

And that's it!!! I thought it was fun!! You can also use something less bulky then a shoe box too.... Although, I like it for drying a lot of my brushes at one time!!!

Love Peace and Chicken Grease!!


  1. that is sooo cool..I need to make one too..

  2. Thats such a great idea! Looks like it works so well too! xxx

  3. I love a creative idea. I use lots of things not designed for purpose.

  4. hahahaha i love that stuff..

  5. do the bristles get twisted up as you put them through the holes?