Friday, February 27, 2009

The Brush Guards

I first heard about The Brush Guards from Koren, on his You Tube page.
I fell in love with them.
**The Brush Guards keep your makeup brushes in the perfect state of which you bought them in. They are perfect for traveling so that they don't get damaged. And if your someone that cares if the MAC logo gets rubbed off, it helps in that aspect also, as shown on Koren's page. They also help after you wash your brushes...keeps them in there original shape while drying .**
I personally bought them for after I wash my brushes, to keep them in there shape.. It works...I love them!! Plus they are hella cheap!! YAY!! You should really check them out.

I bought the shadow/liner pack, which came with 10 ex. small guards.($5.50)

**For other package choices check the website out!!**

Here it is:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My favorite and worst of makeup remover towelettes.

Let me start with the worst....... First of all, its too wet...I can almost fill up 1/4 of a cup with the amount of liquid that is in it. Second, It takes awhile to take the makeup off...I had to scrub my eye more then usual. And worst of all...It burnt the h...e... double hockey stick out of my eyes. I never had any makeup remover do that. It hurt so bad I would cry and would have to close my eyes for a few minutes. Maybe its just me, I am not sure. Plus, they are way to its very wasteful. I would never use this product again for any reason.

And now for my favorite.......AH" : ).....
This is my favorite Makeup remover far!! lol!
* It takes your makeup off really quick.
* Alcohol free
* Cleans thoroughly
* Its not too wet but wet enough.
* Soft
* Does not break me out
* Does not burn my eyes
* I love it
..........I bought it at Target in the makeup section.............

***P.S: The down side is that they are also big...but I guess you can always cut them in half as you use them. Just put the other half back in the pack.

** Sanitize the scissors first people**

Scandalous Shadow Base be honest ......I didn't really like this product when I first got it. It was making all my eye shadows do the dreaded crease thing and the colors would fade very easily. But I after watching I realized I was putting way to much on. Priscilla says on her youtube that you only need a little bit. So I tried the base again and put literally a dab on to my eye lid .... and Ta da!!!......It worked. I had no creasing what so ever. I feel in love with it. It goes on sorta nudish whiteish ( I know those are not really words) but fades with the color you put on. I bought it from Priscilla's Ebay site for $17 but now they have a website with other Scandalous products. I believe the base is $14 for 5 grams. Here it is: So check it out..Its a very good base.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay..I bought these Leishi eye shadow pigments about 3 months go and I LOVE them!!! *Sorry If it's blurry*

I bought the Makeup cosmetics G88 at He has 99.6 positive feedback and sends the stuff from Hong Kong. You have to use PayPal though. I got my package pretty fast. They are also brand new, never used eye shadows. The set comes with four different collections, which is 88 eye shadow pigments all together.

**The Shinny Glitter Collection (very glittery)
**The Pink/Purple Collection
**The Blue/Green Collection
**The Earth/Natural Collection

Oh ya..and 5 makeup brushes! I paid $43.59 all together, which is not bad considering the fact that you get 88 eye shadows. They are very easily blended, bright, long lasting, I had no skin irritation and there are so many different colors. There is a lot in each it will last you forever and you can also use them for your nails or eyeliner. The blues and the greens are honestly my favorite....They are so bright!!! Yay!!
So check his website out..I promise you will fall in love with LEISHI!!!..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ben Nye..Lumiere Palette

Ben Nye: Lumiere Palette swatches

*Silver *Azalea *Cosmic Blue *Sun Yellow

*Ice *Aztec Gold

Iced Gold * Tangerine

*Chartreuse *Jade *Amethyst *Cosmic Violet

I bought this palette from
You can also buy it from Ebay at

Sunday, February 15, 2009