Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scandalous Shadow Base be honest ......I didn't really like this product when I first got it. It was making all my eye shadows do the dreaded crease thing and the colors would fade very easily. But I after watching I realized I was putting way to much on. Priscilla says on her youtube that you only need a little bit. So I tried the base again and put literally a dab on to my eye lid .... and Ta da!!!......It worked. I had no creasing what so ever. I feel in love with it. It goes on sorta nudish whiteish ( I know those are not really words) but fades with the color you put on. I bought it from Priscilla's Ebay site for $17 but now they have a website with other Scandalous products. I believe the base is $14 for 5 grams. Here it is: So check it out..Its a very good base.

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  1. I order this stuff and I love it. At first just like you, I put way too much and I didnt really like it. After learning that you only need a little, I hella love the product. haha..