Thursday, March 26, 2009

New! L.I.P. Color Cream Palette!!!!!Yay!! from Mehron

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Oh my gosh!!! I cant wait to buy this lip cream palette.....I want it really because of the cotton candy and hot pink color!!! I Love it!! It's just cheaper if you buy it in the ya. It's 32.95 (I believe) but if you buy them singly..they are 5.95 each.

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(Is it not the prettiest color ever)

Here is what the website says about it:

"The intensely rich colors of L.I.P. Cream are on the cutting edge of extreme fashion Makeup. The lavishly exciting colors of L.I.P. Cream offers full long lasting coverage with a built in hydrating cream to keep your lips smooth and supple. L.I.P. Cream is made using a creamy conditioning formula developed specially by Mehron. Yes, the hottest color trends made with a creamy, hydrating, luscious formula to protect your lips and highlight them all at the same time! L.I.P. Cream is available in 24 individual shades or in 3 color palettes, light,medium, and dark to accent any skin tone. Make your lips kissable soft and creamy with Mehron L.I.P. Cream." -Mehron

I can't wait to get it and when I do...I will be doing a review on it, that's for sure!!

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