Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I finally bought the " Pastel" Mehron Palette

Pastel- Mehron Palette

I bought this palette from: http://www.stagesupply.com

It cost 25.95 without shipping and handling. It came pretty fast but when it came I was like Aahhhhhhh!!!!! It is so pretty and it smells like coconut. Mmmmm!! It also comes with a really good mirror. The colors are amazing. These palettes are water activated but you only need a drop...actually even less a drop. You sorta just have to experiment with it. They work really good as a base...makes the color more vibrant.

Here are some swatches dry, from top to bottom:

Here are some swatches wet....Tuhh duh!!!!

It was easier for me to put a drop of water with one of those travel bottles. But do what works for you.