Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's what? Lipstuff?

Different types of lipsticks

*Matte: Intense dramatic color, no shimmer, will stay on throughout the day. Tends to dry out lips so apply a base first, for moisture.

* Satin: Shiny, glossy finish, good for dry lips.

*Lacquer: Super intense colors, shiny synthetic look.

* Cream: Rich and creamy with lots of color. Shiny but not as much as others. Does not dry out fast and is good for small lips.

*Sheer: Glossy, clear and is good for a day look. You will have to reapply this a few times.

*Frost: Sparkles and shines, reflects the light but can be drying.

* Semi permanent: Won't rub off or fade and most likely last through out the day

*Lip balm: Cures chapped lips, gives relief

*Lip Gloss: Shiny, and can be clear or colored but if colored it usually is a more toned down one. Can be applied alone or on top of a lipstick for extra shine. Good for small lips...makes them appear fuller.

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