Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shadow Shields!!

"the newest absolute must - have tool..." Shadow Shields are the only product of its kind to truly eliminate messy "raccoon eyes" caused by applying eye makeup. Recommended and used by industry leading makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts world wide, Shadow Shields are also ideal for lash tinting, extensions, and airbrush! They are half moon shaped adhesives that are placed under the eye before applying eye makeup. Any excess product that falls is caught by the shields, leaving you with clean under eyes!! Shadow Shields are giving women everywhere the confidence they need to apply eye makeup, while making the job of a makeup artist a little easier!" -

*I love these... I actually have not bought them yet, But I will. I just thought I should let you guys no about it. Its perfect so you don't have all that eyeshadow fallout all over your under eyes! Especially, when your using a black pigment or something like the sort, which leaves you with black bags or a black eye!! One box contains 50 pieces for 16.95. (definitely worth it) You should really really check out this website!!


  1. Maybe if I had the money lol XD

    I only get fallout from one eye though

  2. thx for the follow! the only thing that i think about these is that u need to use up a bunch of em. they have shadow guards made of plastic that you put under your eye kind of. been meaning to try them

  3. omfg, i really need this. Thanx for sharing with everyone.