Saturday, March 28, 2009

LOTD (Look of the day) Using Coastal Scent Palette!

Here is the look of my day!!

I used two colors from the CS palette... the light blue and dark brown. I used Great Lash from Maybelline in "Very black" for mascara.

And last but not least I did the waterline using the black gel liner also from CS. Its a simple look!!

The light blue...

Dark Brown...

And..... Tuh duh!!!!!



  1. what a nice look i love it! i need to get the cs paletee :-( and WOW! howd u do your eyebrowns? they look amazinng :~) XOOO

  2. ill be defo gettin soon :-) o wow can you please do a tutorial on them? i want my eyebrowns like yours! :--D