Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My favorite and worst of makeup remover towelettes.

Let me start with the worst....... First of all, its too wet...I can almost fill up 1/4 of a cup with the amount of liquid that is in it. Second, It takes awhile to take the makeup off...I had to scrub my eye more then usual. And worst of all...It burnt the h...e... double hockey stick out of my eyes. I never had any makeup remover do that. It hurt so bad I would cry and would have to close my eyes for a few minutes. Maybe its just me, I am not sure. Plus, they are way to its very wasteful. I would never use this product again for any reason.

And now for my favorite.......AH" : ).....
This is my favorite Makeup remover far!! lol!
* It takes your makeup off really quick.
* Alcohol free
* Cleans thoroughly
* Its not too wet but wet enough.
* Soft
* Does not break me out
* Does not burn my eyes
* I love it
..........I bought it at Target in the makeup section.............

***P.S: The down side is that they are also big...but I guess you can always cut them in half as you use them. Just put the other half back in the pack.

** Sanitize the scissors first people**

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