Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jesse's Girl: 570 Cellini Red (Pink Glitz)

Hola? So..I was on you tube one day and I was watching a tutorial from fafinettex3 called Glamorous Pink using Jesses Girl. Well, I fell in love with the color Cellini Red that she was using so... I got it. I just wanted to try it out so I only bought one. I absolutely love it!! I need to buy more.. probably all of em. They are very glittery and bright, two of my favorite things and it's sorta two toned if you look in a certain light. Which I also love. ( a touch of red or something) I bought the eye dust at Jesses girl cosmetics and it was cheap..the shipping was fast too. I also loved how they filled it to the top!! love it! Buy it.. Its great!

P.S: Oh ya! When I ordered it they gave me all these samples...LOOOVVEE IT!! I see so many I like! You might be able to use the samples for a one time use kinda thing! Yay!!!

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  1. no offense but this color iz kinda suckish only because the color has no pigmentation and it is too warm.