Monday, January 12, 2009

4 Products I regret buying! #1 being the worst

1.Physicians Formula Plump Potion

OMG! Eww! Let me first say I' am cheap when it comes to certain things! order for me to spend a lot for something I would have to really want it. It was alomost 10 dollars..for this thing. It's not that much but then again it is. OK! So the truth is I have really small lips!! lol! I wanted to see if it would plump them up like it said. And so I tried it....dum..dum..dumm!!!! made my lips all red around the it looked like it outlined my lips with swolleness. It is hella how can anyone where that all day? It stunk so bad and is hecka thick and gooey!! ehh!! But ya..dont buy it! Still buy the brand, cause they have some good stuff ..just not that!!

See how thick and gooey it is? ehh!! bleh!!

2. Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara

Okay.. so this one isn't that bad. I bought it pretty much cause I saw it on Carmen Electra in a magazine. It looked good in there. Duh its a magazine!!! Its basically just colored mascara. The reason I regret it is because it does not do anything. You have to put so many coats of it on.And by the time you get the color on, so you can see it.... your eyelashes are crazy clumpy!! Then its just like eww!! So this one is a flop!

3. Almay Intense I-Color

I regret this one because the colors don't last long and their sorta boring and dull colors by themselves. I first bought it when I was just starting in makeup. I guess its good for someone to learn what goes where.....But as you can see I didn't really use it that much. I like more bright kinda colors. That's probably the main reason I don't like it; cause its not bright.

4. Outlast Lip stain from Cover Girl

Ok...I've never had a lip stain and I really wanted to try it. So I went to Longs to go and buy one last week. I bought it at longs for 7 dollars..not bad!! But I don't get it? It doesn't apply even at all and its so too much color!! Maybe its the color I got..I don't know? I thought maybe if I apply a chap stick or a lip gloss first it would go on easier. But then I thought.....hmmm??.....wouldn't I ruin it if I did that! I had no idea. Maybe I don't like it cause I don't know how to use it? If you guys have any tips tell me please. My first time trying a lip stain.....

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